I was recently sent a selection of Jackson Reece Wipes to put to the test.
I received one pack of Herbal, Natural, Mose Nuzzles and flushable wipes.

The Jackson Reece brand is well known for being natural, carbon conscious, hypoallergenic and kind to delicate skin.

When I started using the natural wipes, Sam had been suffering with Nappy rash for a couple of days as he was teething. I had been doing all the usual things – using creams, giving him nappy off time, ensuring his bottom was dry before putting a nappy onto him etc. I was using another brand of “sensitive” wipes. Within two nappy changes, I could see a big improvement, and within 36 hours, his nappy rash was gone. I recommend these to anyone who has a baby suffering with nappy rash! They felt great quality, came out of the packet easily and were just right in moistness – not too wet, not too dry. I will be buying these again. These retail at £2 a pack.

The Herbal ones were just as good, but they smelt nice too. Sam’s nappy rash was gone when I started using these, so I can’t comment on whether they are as kind to sore skin. Sydney was only 6 weeks old when I was using these, and she had no issues with them. Again, I highly recommend these too, and will buy them again. These retail at £2 a pack.

The flushable wipes have been in my changing bag for a couple of weeks and have become my savior. All too often when I use public toilets I find myself in a cubicle which has ran out of toilet roll. This is no longer an issue, as I have these with me. They are pocket sized so pop easily into your bag, pocket or under the pram. I recommend these to everyone, not just parents! These retail at £1 a pack.

The Nose Nuzzles were also great to keep in the changing bag. the cover over sticker did rip off though, so my wipes dried out quickly. I am not sure if it was me pulling it open too hard, or if it was a packaging error. Either way, the first few were fab. They cleaned pasta sauce from Sam’s face with ease, and he didn’t complain so I am guessing they didn’t irritate his skin. These retail at £2.49 a pack.

All in all, I really like all of the Jackson Reece products and would buy them again. I’d just be more careful when opening them the first time. I give them 4.5/5.

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