As Leapfrog Ambassadors, we are regularly sent items to review. We were sent a LeapFrog AlphaPup to review a while ago. Rather than write down a lengthy review, I decided to record a video review so you can see for yourself how it works…

To summarise: It comes with batteries included. These are still going strong 3 months after purchase, despite regular use. It is very durable. (Ours has been thrown, stood on, sat on and swung around by two very giddy children, and it’s still in one piece).

It is brightly coloured, engaging, great quality and a steal for £16.99 RRP. My only gripe about it is the fact it comes out of standby mode so easily. I am forever setting ours off when I nudge it, or something bangs off it in the toy box – this is easily resolved IF your children (or you) remember to switch it off before putting it away though.

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