As Leapfrog Ambassadors, we are regularly sent items to review. We were asked to do a LeapFrog AlphaPup review a while ago. Rather than write down a lengthy review, I decided to record a video review so you can see for yourself how it works…

LeapFrog AlphaPup review

To summarise: The Leapfrog AlphaPup comes with batteries included. These are still going strong 3 months after purchase, despite regular use. It is very durable. (Ours has been thrown, stood on, sat on and swung around by two very giddy children. Yet it’s still in one piece). This is super impressive.

LeapFrog AlphaPup review

It is brightly coloured, engaging, great quality and a steal for £16.99 RRP. My only gripe about it is the fact it comes out of standby mode so easily. I am forever setting ours off when I nudge it, or something bangs off it in the toy box. This is easily resolved IF your children (or you) remember to switch it off before putting it away though. Finally, if this LeapFrog AlphaPup review has been useful, check out this Build n Discover leapfrog toolbox.

What To LeapFrog Say?

Explore the ABCs with a new best friend

Make letter learning a howl with the LeapFrog AlphaPup! Toddlers aged 12 to 36 months will love exploring the ABCs as they walk their adorable puppy pal. AlphaPup is a great learning companion, singing the ABCs as he wobbles along behind your child. Children can touch colourful buttons to hear letter names, letter sounds, words that begin with each letter, and darling doggie phrases.

Curriculum that goes beyond key skills

Provide early exposure to phonics basics, vocabulary, and more while encouraging gross and fine motor skill development. AlphaPup sings three learning songs as your child walks him along; the songs stop when your child stops and then play when your child walks, to make walking a musical and fun play experience.

Little fingers can press colourful buttons to hear letters A to Z sounded out, words that begin with each letter, and fun phrases that include these words. Press the letter W, for example, and hear “W! Walk! I love going on walks with you!” Connecting letters with their names and sounds are important first steps on the road to reading and spelling.

Personalised for every child

AlphaPup makes learning meaningful and fun by responding to your child’s actions. Eager new walkers have a pal to cheer them on, or children can have a seat and switch between songs and learning modes as often as they desire. Pressing buttons produces a range of playful and curricular audio surprises that children can control by pressing favourite buttons again and again. As children grow, they can also begin to make new connections, such as linking printed letters with their names and sounds.

Fun with a puppy friend

Bright interactive buttons, wobbly paw-shaped wheels, floppy ears, and a tail that wags make AlphaPup a truly delightful and lovable learning companion. Children can press a doggie button to hear cute dog phrases and a music note button to play three learning and fun songs, or simply pull AlphaPup along for a combination of pretend play, and musical and physical fun.

Learning experts help develop learning experiences

Research shows that knowing the alphabet is an important first step to learning to read. The LeapFrog learning team designed the AlphaPup as a learning pal to expose children to letter names and sounds as they exercise walking and pulling on the toy. AlphaPup builds learning right into engaging physical and pretend play.

Areas of learning

  • The alphabet: Children who can recognise letters with confidence have an easier time learning letter sounds and word spellings.
  • Phonics skills: To read independently, children must understand the relationship between the sounds in spoken words and the letters that represent those sounds.
  • Gross motor skills: As children learn to roll over, sit, stand, and even dance… They are developing the ability to coordinate their large muscles.

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