I was recently sent a selection of Schleich Farm Life Horses and Accessories to review. Sydney is a huge horse fan. I remember as a young child, I was too. (Oddly, I’m scared of them now, but that’s a story for another time)…!

Schleich Farm Life Horses and Accessories Review

We received 3 horses…

Schleich Farm Life Horses

The Tennessee Walker Stallion (Top-Left) Knabstupper Mare (Top-right), and the Pinto Stallion. All 3 models have an RRP of £5.99 each. They are all individually hand painted, and look very lifelike. Each weighs between 100-150g and they are suitable for children aged 3 and over. The largest of the 3 measures approximately 10cm x 16cm. All 3 stand easily without support, and feel really high quality.

We also received a selection of accessories…

Schleich Farm Life accessories

We received the recreational saddle and bridle (Top left and middle). This currently costs £2.79 on Amazon. This set was easy to put on the Tennessee stallion. The bridle pulls on and the saddle fastens underneath. It’s great quality and the rider stays in situ really well.

The Schleich recreational rider we received (top-right) is also hand painted. So it’s the same quality as the horses. She fits comfortably on the recreational saddle and her hands are bent, so she can hold the reigns tightly. She is currently £3.69 on amazon, and I feel she is worth this price.

The Equestrian Grooming Set we received (bottom-left) is currently priced at £2.87 on Amazon. It contains a currycomb, body brush, a storage box with carry handle, and 2 boots. So it’s great value. This is a lovely little set, but I wouldn’t recommend it for younger children. The pieces are really tiny and easy to lose / swallow / get stuck down your eat or… *ahem* eaten by the dyson.

Horsing Around

The Schleich Fly Blanket and Halter set (bottom-centre) is currently priced at £2.49 on Amazon. The blanket fits all 3 horses, and fastens round the front with velcro. It reminded me a little of a cape…! The Halter slots easily over the horse’s head, and stays in place well.

The Schleich Treat Set (bottom – right) is currently priced at £2.29 on Amazon. It includes a bucket, a salt block and a bag of horse feed, so there’s plenty of bits! These items are great quality, but very small. I am sure older children who can look after their toys better would love them. Unfortunately my 3 year old isn’t very careful and had lost the salt block within 2 hours of receiving it.

My daughter loves playing with the horses and the rider. She has already asked for more riders, and I suspect she would adore the stable plates, so she had somewhere for her horses to sleep. (I don’t think they are very comfortable in her Sylvanians bed)!

Child playing with Schleich Farm Life Horses

The detail on the horses is so amazing. Did you spot the shoes on the Walker stallion? Or his *ahem* boy parts…? (Syd informed me rather proudly that he had 2 tails, then told me off for giggling when she showed me his hidden one). I’m SO childish!

I highly recommend the horses, saddle and rider for kids of all ages. However, I would suggest waiting until your child is at least 6 before introducing the tiny accessories. This us due to them being so easily lost / vacuumed up!

Finally, this Schleich Farm Life Horses review is not a sponsored post. We were sent the items to review, but all thoughts are my own.

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