Holidays are coming!

Sun Cream: CHECK!

85,000 nappies: CHECK!

Cuddly Toys: CHECK!

I am about to commence packing for our Summer Holiday. I have got so many to do lists on the go, I’ve got a list of lists! I’ve been looking at the long term weather forecasts and I am getting a bit stressed about which clothes to pack.

That’s the problem with “Staycations”, isn’t it? You never know whether you’ll need sun cream or sweatshirts. Do I pack sandals or wellies? Or worse – BOTH? The good thing about UK holidays is there is no luggage limit. I can (and probably will) take all of the kids’ clothes, shoes and outerwear – “Just in case”. (It’s official – I am turning into my mother! Next I’ll be saying “Better to be safe, than sorry”!)

Remind me again why hubby stopped me pricing up flights to Orlando? His logic was that two toddlers, two prams and two long haul flights would be too much. Spoil Sport! At least we’d have only had to pack for sunshine!

I have got a list of clothes to pack for sunny weather, wet weather and “in between” as well. I’ve got a list of food I need to buy and pack, too. (Syd’s dairy and soya intolerant, so we’ll need to take basics with us). I’ve got a list of stuff I need to sort out for the Cat, another for the house and one for the car.

I could be writing a list of things to see in Orlando now, but instead, I”m adding the Cat’s boosters and a new car tyre to my budget. I am still excited though. The kids will have a great time! They love exploring, running and fresh air! They’ll get plenty of that in Sherwood Forest! I am wondering if we’ll actually get to see Robin Hood this time! OK OK, I know Sam would much rather see Mickey Mouse, but he’s not a 2 hour car journey away!

We will get to Florida one day. Even if I have to sell a kidney, we will visit Disney World before the kids are too big. (Before I’m too old)! I’d rather wait until they are big enough to remember it. Mature enough to survive the entire trip without a pushchair. Old enough to recall their adventures. Chatty enough to talk about what they see, and to have some input in what we do while we are there. (I’m probably going to regret saying that, aren’t I)?

For now, though… I’ve got some cool print outs to teach us about the different types of trees and birds, we’ve got plenty to do on site if the weather is bad, and lots of outdoor adventures to have if it’s dry. What about you? Where are you off to for your Summer Holiday?

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