It’s day 8 of Blogtober, and today’s prompt is in honour of #LibrariesWeek – hearing them read…

It is no secret that I am a huge supporter of children having access to books. I shared a timehop memory from 7 years ago last week, and it made me both happy and a little sad to remember this day….

Back when Sam was 15 weeks old…

hearing them read

Sam was just 15 weeks old when I registered him at our local library. I remember the day like it was yesterday. I was feeling so excited about Sam’s future, and about us discovering books he loved, and hearing them read as he got older. That day, I borrowed Fantastic Mr Fox for me to read to him at bedtime.

Developmental Delay:

7 years on, and Sam’s development delay means he’s still only enjoying picture books and can’t read (or speak) yet. That doesn’t stop me getting him books or reading to him though. He’s very much a fan of repetitive, rhyming books. Julia Donaldson and Hairy Maclary are particular favourites of Sam’s.

His younger sister is a complete bookworm (just like me). Syd’s always loved stories, and even as a baby her love of books was obvious. She’s 15 months old here, and is pointing at the animals and saying their names.

hearing them read

My Little Bookworm

Syd and I read the illustrated version of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone together recently, and she loved it. We watched the film together for the first time over the weekend too, and she loved that as well! I went online to reserve the next book in the series for her at our local library, and was sad to see they don’t have the illustrated versions available to loan.

I think that libraries are an amazing resource and I wish they were used more. That said, I think they need to have the books children want to read available as well. Some of the books in our local library are definitely a little dated.

Hearing Them Read…

Sam can’t talk yet, and I literally dream of the day I’ll get to listen to him reading. One thing I would do if I ever became a successfully published author would be to make sure all libraries had a copy of my book available. I’d definitely want to encourage children to read more, and give parents the joy of hearing them read.

Syd visits our local library with her dad once a week to get a new book – she absolutely loves going, and I suspect she will visit more once she’s old enough to go by herself.

What do you think? Are you a fan of the library? Do you have kids, and love hearing them read?

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