Dear so and so – Nappy Nightmares

I don’t know about you, but every time my son “outgrows” his
current nappies, it is a total nightmare trying to work out which ones
are the best for him in the next size up.

Pampers were great for the first week, but leaked as soon as he was in size 2.
Huggies were the nappy of choice for half of the time we were in size
2?s, but then they leaked so we switched to Asda’s Little Angels.
By the time we hit size 3, Pampers, Huggies, Tesco & Sainsbury’s own were tried (to no avail).
Asda Little Angels were the best we tried.

When Sam his size 4, I spent an absolute fortune trying different brands.
He is much bigger than the “Average” 9 month old. Weighing in at 25lb,
so I appreciate he may not fit the “norm” in respect to how he moves.
But seriously – Huggies are a total nightmare! The size 4 are too tight
on the waist, but ok on the legs. Size 5 is ok on the waist but miles
too big on the leg.

I fear I will be bankrupt before I find a size 4 or 5 nappy which fits him both on the leg and the tummy.
And of course, by the time I find the elusive nappy…. He will have grown & I’ll have to start the entire process again!

What’s my point, you ask?

I feel the nappy manufacturers should sell 3 packs of nappies so we
can “test” them without spending a small fortune on 20+ nappies only to
find they are no good after using a few of them.

I’d happily spend £1 on a 3 pack of each brand in the Supermarket if
it meant I could try them without buying (and potentially wasting) a
pack of 20+ nappies.

We are meant to be trying to reduce the amount of waste we send to
land fill – I must have chucked out at least 100 unused nappies since
Sam was born because they didn’t fit him & we don’t have the space
to store them.

So…. Nappy Manufacturers – why not offer us mums the chance to try a few before we buy a huge “value” box??

And SureStart Centres… Why not offer a nappy exchange service where
parents can swap nappies for the next size up when their baby outgrows

I am sure lots of you will want to suggest I consider reusable
nappies… BUT I just do not have the time to deal with everything
involved in using them. I am 5 months pregnant so exhausted at the best
of times, I try to juggle working from home with caring for my son too,
and I don’t have the capital to buy reusables anyway, so it really is
not an option for us at this time.

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