We bought the Tomy Classic Baby Monitor a few weeks ago, ready for Sam moving from his Moses Basket into his cot.

After much research, we decided we didn’t need a fancy monitor, just a
reliable one with a half decent range (as we live in a 3 storey house).

A lot of reviews had said digital monitors were affected by other
digital devices, so with that in mind, we knew we needed an analogue
monitor (there are so many gadgets in this house, it was almost certain a
digital monitor would struggle).

The Tomy Classic Baby Monitor (TA100) had loads of good reviews, and
the fact it had a night light made us opt for that over others.

It comes boxed with a storage pouch, a parent unit, the base unit and 2 plugs.
The monitor has 2 different frequencies, so you can have 2 in the same house if you have children in different bedrooms.
The Parent unit was meant to have a belt clip, but in my opinion, it is
not a clip at all – it has a big round loop which you can slide over
your belt but it isn’t held on very securely.

The Parent unit can also work on 3xAAA batteries. Obviously, it is
not advised to plug the unit in if it has non-chargeable batteries in,
so the fact the battery back is held on with a screw is very
frustrating. You either have to run off mains or battery, and cannot
combine the two.

We tried putting rechargeable batteries in the parent unit in the hope they’d charge while plugged in – they didn’t.

This aside, the range is great – we have a 3 storey house, the baby
unit is on the top floor, and you can hear any movements clearly from
the ground floor.

The monitor won’t allow you to hear baby breathing, but you can hear all movements, sighs, cries and snoring easily.

The parent monitor also has a visual noise display – the louder the noise coming from the baby’s room, the more lights come on.
(If it’s a quiet noise, a couple of green lights flash for as long as
the noise is audible. If the baby is grumbling, the lights will show
amber, and if it is a full on cry, then red lights appear).

This is particularly useful if you are in the kitchen and have appliances on so can’t hear the monitor clearly.

Our monitor is used for around 6 hours every night (Baby still sleeps
in our room, so we turn it off when we go to bed). The batteries in the
parent unit have been in for 5 days now and are still going strong.

The baby unit has a light function – this is bright enough to check
on baby, and to sooth your baby if they are scared of the dark, but not
bright enough to feed them by.

I liked the fact you can use the light and monitor independently of one another.
If you turn off the baby unit, the parent unit beeps (if it is still switched on).

Overall, this monitor is great.
It does everything we need it to do, and aside from not charging the rechargeable batteries, I am happy with it.

I would happily recommend it to friends, and give it 4.5 out of 5.

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